More than mere control cabinet construction

Until a new system of components in industry or in a date centre can be operational productivity is needed which goes far beyond merely equipping the cabinets and wiring them. This extends from the specification of customers’ demands, the CAD drawing, the production and testing to the delivery of the overall package. In individual cases there is also the final assembly on site. SE-Elektro offers the goods and services from a single source. Thus companies are relieved of tasks which do not belong to their core competences with regard to technical as well as organisational matters.

SE-Elektro produces control panels for low voltage distribution up to 1000 V. These are used preferably for controlling and regulating steam turbines. Tasks to be performed:

  • Projecting according to the customer’s demands
  • Construction of the sub-distributors
  • Assembly of the control cabinets according to valid norms and regulations
  • Interface definition
  • Integration test of the system
  • Delivery
  • Documentation
  • Partial final assembly on site

In addition to the usual wiring technique SE-Elektro can also wire with Wire Wrap and Termi Point.