Exciter installation for the generator in Mainz-Wiesbaden

Highly efficient customer-specific solution

Early in 2010 SE-Elektro obtained the assignment to install excitation equipment for the power station generator in Mainz-Wiesbaden by the Siemens AG Erlangen. The power station has a main generator output of around 200 MVA and is therefore of some considerable size. SE-Elektro was the correct partner for this project, not only because of its reasonably priced offer but also because of the competent and swift way the installation was carried out.

Instead of a merely standard exciter installation the customer expected a specific solution which was to be upgraded by intelligent control system components with a compact CPU and other devices. SE-Elektro converted the handwritten circuit diagrams into detailed wiring layouts. Without quoting the specifications down to the very last detail the customer was able to rely on an end product which matched all his requirements. This is also true for the mechanical production, the wiring and checking. The performance test took place directly at SE-Elektro with the final customer present.

SE-Elektro was particularly convincing by swift and at the same time reliable work. The machinery installer needed only two weeks to plan the large-scale project including the agreement with the speciality department. The distribution cabinets were produced and checked within six weeks.
From this assignment a follow-up project emerged in the English- speaking area. For this the wiring layouts and parts list were translated automatically by means of the ELCAD programme. Afterwards the text only had to be adapted very slightly to the specific language conditions.