Protection and synchronisation of a generator in Merkenich

An extraordinary communication job

Producing a combined protection and synchronisation cabinet for the generator of a power station in Merkenich presented SE-Elektro with a considerable challenge. The protection and synchronisation devices had to be adapted to the customer’s different bus systems and to the specific process control technology of Siemens AG.

SE-Elektro obtained the assignment in the second half of 2009 from the Görlitz Siemens speciality department responsible. The Siemens AG process control technology is based on PCS-7 control (Profibus) and was interconnected with a gateway to the final customer’s T3000 system. From the E-technology point of view, however, a gateway had to be omitted. For this purpose the protection devices were parameterised and programmed to be able to communicate directly with the T3000 bus. This required coordination with the project manager, the Siemens speciality department and SE-Elektro reaching far beyond the normal call of duty - a responsible job which was accomplished brilliantly by all parties involved by good prearrangement and intensive communication.

In the course of this assignment SE-Elektro also installed an excitation device for the turbine. All in all carrying out the assignment quickly played a major rôle. The planning, where an extraordinarily high number of interfaces between different work sections had to be taken into account took four weeks, the production and checking of the distribution cabinets (six-pack installation) took six weeks. During this time SE-Elektro was also able to carry out subsequent alterations to the demands in a flexible and efficient way.